Concrete interlocking concrete Blocks and Concrete Blocks Delivered in Plymouth. Our Monaprecast concrete mega blocks are perfect

Interlocking Concrete Blocks Supplied in Plymouth Devon & Cornwall

Interlocking Concrete Blocks simply fit together and come apart like childrens building bricks, they are available in a variety of sizes and have numerous uses

Concrete Blocks So Simple!! and yet so versatile and cost effective, Suppliers Plymouth Devon and Cornwall

As the name suggests, our Interlocking Concrete Blocks are perfect for building custom storage bays, partition walls, security blocks and retaining walls and so many more uses. Plymcrete can deliver your Interlocking Concrete Blocks either on flatbed vehicles or on a craned vehicle which is ideal for customers that don't have access to lifting equipment, we offload and place the blocks for you. Our Interlocking Concrete Blocks are available in 1500mm x 600mm x 600mm = 1.2 tonnes, 900mm x 600mm x 600mm = 0.72 tonnes and 600mm x 600mm x600mm = 0.48 tonnes sizes

Interlocking Concrete Blocks are easy to install and re-use

Our interlocking concrete blocks are quick and easy to install and equally easy to remove and re-use again. The interlocking concrete blocks are manufactured with lifting anchors cast into the top of the blocks that accept a screw in lifting eye. The blocks can then be lifted easily and safely by a telehandler, crane or similar suitable machine. The interlocking concrete block system ensures they fit together securely.

Going the extra mile for our customers

  • Concrete blocks can be faced with stone to give an instant decorative finish
  • Quicker construction process, reduced costs and easy long term maintenance.
  • Minimum site preparation, excavation and foundation requirements
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Quick Construction again and again?

These blocks are ideal for quick construction as the Interlocking Concrete Blocks simply fit together in much the same way as childrens building bricks and can be taken down and re-used over and over again. They can be fitted together very quickly to save time and with minimal labour, one man with a machine or crane and one slinger can build large structures very quickly. The perfect solution to the lengthy and costly construction of partition walls or bays, storage of aggregate, flood defences, control erosion, river bank repairs, traffic management, traffic calming, security wall, silage pits, other agricultural applications, Scrap merchant's bays, recycling centres and more.

Create Bespoke Interlocking Concrete Blocks. ~ We can produce bespoke Interlocking Concrete Blocks to your specification by adding other stone such as granite or chippings, simply brush finish or even a printed pattern

Standard site equipment - forklifts/telehandlers/small cranes The clever design (which incorporates a cast in lifting pin which is flush with the concrete surface) allows the blocks to be easily dry laid onto any firm surface, quickly.

Concrete Calculator - Find out how much concrete you need to get the job done!

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